Friendly Face at DaPo

In my quest to better understand DaPo, I checked out the various DaPo Google groups and wandered into the public DaPo Skype chatrooms, in particular the steering and evangelism rooms. You can access the list of Google groups here and the Skype chatrooms here.

Coming in from the cold, the Google groups didn’t prove immediately useful to me without context. The few times I wandered into the Skype chatrooms, they were quiet. It’s partly due to the fact that contributors are from all corners of the earth like Australia, The Netherlands, USA, etc, making time zones a factor. In one of the chatroom, I inquired about current events and was advised by someone to check back in later. I left the room intending to come back later though I didn’t know when would be a good time / day to come back, perhaps this could be made more obvious. Also, it might be good to list upcoming Skype group meetings somewhere on the site, if it is already there, it isn’t obvious to me.

Luckily for me, a DaPo founder, Marjolein Hoekstra, later noticed that I visited the chat rooms and she pinged me on Skype. We chatted on Skype and she gave me a ton of information to follow up on. She gave me a very warm welcome which I greatly appreciate, thanks Marjolein. Hope I didn’t unintentionally nominate her as the welcoming committee =), I just wanted to thank her for helping me get acquainted with DaPo.


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