DaPo Acronym Soup

In my first post, I said that DaPo list of existing open source technology reads like an acronym soup, here’s why (below extracted from DaPo site).

Authentication Standards

  • User authentication – openID
  • API authentication – oAuth

Data Transfer, Interchange, and Exchange Standards

These standards enable data dumps via import and export across data spaces on the Web. They also aid publish and subscribe methods of data exchange. The list includes:

  • Messaging – XMPP
  • Syndication – Atom and RSS
  • Attention – APML
  • Services and Service Discovery – YADIS and XRDS
  • Subscriptions – OPML
  • Personal details – hCard
  • Relationships – XFN
  • Personal Profile Data & Social Networks – FOAF
  • Online Communities – SIOC (discussed at SIOC-DEV)
  • Publishing data – AtomPub

Linked Data or Data Referencing Standards

These standards enable access to data by reference via HTTP based data object identifiers called URIs. The list includes:

  • HTTP based URIs (for Location, Value, and Structure independent Object / Resource Identifiers)
  • Personal Profile Data & Social Networks – FOAF
  • Online Communities – SIOC (discussed at SIOC-DEV)
  • Other Schemas and Vocabularies in the Semantic Web realm

Other standards

Other standards groups and initiatives that may not yet have a place in the Blueprint, but still deserve help and support!

  • Content Identity Validation – MicroID
  • REST

Despite the acronym soup, I found it to be the most useful page on the site because it lists all the open source technology promoted by DaPo. Now I just need to research each acronym to understand the technology, I will write subsequent posts on each technology as I get to it.

Note that there are policies and legal aspects to DaPo also which I am ignoring, at least for now.

3 Responses to “DaPo Acronym Soup”

  1. 1 Elias Bizannes March 16, 2008 at 11:12 pm

    Nice blog idea. And I like your suggestion for DaPo. We’ll get that put on the agenda of the next steering group conference call to make a decision because we haven’t really thought of an acronym.

    It might help for you to know we are currently doing a 2-3 month research phase, which means reaching out and investigating, so what you are doing ties very well with that. You also help by allowing us to find holes in what we have been currently proposing (like missing standards, unnecessary standards).

    The only thing I want to add is that the legal and cultural implications of DaPo are arguably the most dramatic things about the entire Project. We’ve got some related initiatives that deal with that, but otherwise, welcome!

    I think you’d be a good fit to join our Evangelism action group and our Steering action group based on what I’ve identified as your concerns – join skype chats and mailing lists. Our next steering conference call is Wednesday, March 19th at 9pm GMT (San Francisco: 1pm) which I’d love to see you take part in.

    Happy to answer any issues you have. My details are on the wiki in my personal space.

  2. 2 bngu March 16, 2008 at 11:58 pm


    Wow, comments from 2 DaPo founders in 1 day, I am either doing something right or something very wrong LOL. Regardless, I am honored, thanks for taking the time to comment on my posts.

    Glad you like the acronym DaPo, it will be be my little contribution if the steering committee likes it.

    It is starting to sink in how ginormous the DaPo effort is. I agree with the scope of legal and cultural implications, however it’s hard for me to understand that without putting things in context first. Starting with the acronym soup helps me put things in context.

    I think you are right, I am interested in finding out more about the steering committee and evangelism groups. Unfortunately I already have an appointment on Wed around that time so I will try to make the meeting. If I can join late, I will definitely do so.


    P/S: Nice profile pic on your personal wiki, I thought I had crazy hair, you got me beat.

  1. 1 Navigating dataportability.org site « Ungeek DaPo Trackback on March 17, 2008 at 11:19 pm

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